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modelWe make and sell paper models of architecture and vehicles. We make custom paper models and we sell models designed by us – mostly printed, but we also sell some models as a pdf file, which you can print yourself. This way you can save postage fees. Our paper models are printed on a very good quality offset printer, on a 160-190 gr. paper. All models are on stock recently – we ship them within two working days after receiving an order.

Here you can see some of our custom made models: Reference

We offer custom model design of family houses, blocks of flats, office buildings, industrial and historical buildings. These models can be used for advertising, for your architecture designs, as a present on the occassion of moving into a new house, as a wedding present , or similar.

We can make and deliver models according to your requirements, for example:

  • as a .pdf file
  • Printed cut-and assembly kit with instructions in Czech and English language. (A4 format)
  • We can add your company´s logo, any text you wish – for example greetings to the newlyweds, text describing your company or the building your model represents etc.
  • Colour and desing of the cover according to your requirements or company colours.
  • We can add desing of accessories (garden with gazebo, pavements, benches...)

If you are interested in your desired building model design, or have any questions, please contact me.

model How do i make model designs?

We start – just like we all do – with a project. If possible, We will need architecture plans of the building, However, it is not neccessary, so if they are not available, We can use your photographs – the more photographs, the better.

Then We start with the design in a 3-D graphic program. It is a very detailed and precise work, which takes several weeks or a couple of months, in case the building is very large or complex.


After making a 3-D design, the model will be unfolded into cut-out parts, which are coloured and marked.


Afterwards, We print and make the model to check if everything matches, and if there are any mistakes, We correct them.


At the end, We write the instructions, make the cover and other details, and if you wish, have the model printed.

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