About Strečno castle

The castle is located in Western Slovakia, in Považie region, above Váh river. Nowadays, only tuins remain, but I it was a majestic castle built in Gothinc style and later rebuilt in Baroque style. The first written documents come from 14th century, but there are proofs that the place was settled already in the Stone Age. The castle itself was founded probably in 1321by the King Karol Robert, so it was a royal castle. It changed many owners during 14 and 15 century.

There were lots of building changes in early 16 century. Two new wings were added-the north one with a chapel and the south one with two buildings around the internal courtyard. On the West Side around the castle a new settlement was formed. Later on, there were many wars and robberies, but they caused only minor damage.

The sizable fort of 165x 61 m became the best-fortified castle in the region of Považie. The whole internal area was gradually filled with buildings, at the north direction from the tower rainwater vessel and in the west direction under the main gate a well 88 meters deep were found.

During the last years of the 17th century the castle experienced some very dramatic events. Tokoly´s soldiers invaded the castle in 1678 and 1686 and therefore the Emperor Leopold I. ordered the castle to be destroyed. Fortification and roofs were demolished, the castle well and the rain water vessel were buried and so the castle has been in ruins for three centuries.

Now, the chapel, the main tower, the main gate, and the south chateau forming the core of the reconstructed Strečno castle were renovated and newly roofed. You can take a guided tour in the castle now. The American fantasy movie „Dragonheart“ was filmed there in 1996.

The model shows what the castle probably looked like before its destruction in 17th century.

strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 01
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 02
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 03
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 04
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 05
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 06
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 07
strecno2 Castle
Strecno Castle 08

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