The castle was built in 13th century in Gothic style by the lords of Polná. It is located in the Czech Republic, in Vysočina region. The castle was built on a promontory and protected from the west, north and east by ponds. In 14th century, the castle belonged to the lords of Lipá and later, lords of Pirkenstein. During the lords of Kunštát reign (1464-1515), the castle was rebuilt in late Gothic style. In 1548, the castle was destroyed by fire and later rebuilt into a Renaissance style chateau by Zachariáš of Hradec. The chateau was settled until the beginning of 17 Century. Later on, the building served as an administration seat. In 1794, the chateau was ruined in a fire. The owners were not interested in any further repairs. The third floor was demolished and provided with only provisory roofing. The torso of the building served mainly as warehouses and flats for local people. In 1922-1924, the castle was rebuilt into a museum.

In the past, several Czech nobles were connected with the castle. One of the most significant owners was Hynek Ptáček of Pirkenstein (15th century). In 1468, Jiří of Poděbrady lead important negotiations connected with Matyas Korvin´s troops attacks in Moravia. In 1553, Zachariáš of Hradec married Kateřina of Valdštejn in the castle. In 1620, King Friedrich visited the castle.

Recently, the castle is owned by the town of Polná. There are museum expositions in the castle and one of the chateau wings. You can view collections connected with the castle and town as well as a Baroque pharmacy called Black Eagle, a merchant´s shop, old crafts display, old watches and clocks display, and a scale model of a legionnaire carriage.

Polná castle
Polná castle 01
Polná castle
Polná castle 02
Polná castle
Polná castle 03
Polná castle
Polná castle 04
Polná castle
Polná castle 05

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